Practical, pretty & provocative lingerie that fits, flatters and feels great.

With my signature fitting service I’ll find you lingerie that’s such a pleasure to wear you’ll never want to take it off.

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Odyssey Boutique owner and bra fitting expert, Sarah Connelly

Have you had a bra fitting before but know something still isn’t right?

Has it been a while since you last bought a bra and you don’t know where to begin?

Or are you simply in the mood for something special?

I'll find you lingerie that fits, flatters and feels great.

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Drapers Independents Awards Winner, Odyssey Boutique - Niche Fashion Retailer 2017
Stars Underlines Best Shop Awards Winner, Odyssey Boutique - Concept Shop 2016
UK Lingerie Awards Winner, Odyssey Boutique - Independent Retailer of the Year (North) 2016

Don’t waste time wading through rails of bras or running back and forth to the fitting room trying to find your size.

Don’t feel self conscious wearing something that doesn’t shape or hold you in all the right places either.

A beautiful bra set or bikini might look tiny but the impact on how it makes you feel is BIG.

As your personal lingerie guide I’ll encourage you to try shapes and styles you never dreamed would work but that I know you’ll fall in love with. Elegant lingerie that makes you feel sophisticated & sexy; and stylish swimwear that makes you shimmer.

The hardest thing you have to do is choose which sets are going home with you.

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How it works

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Book a Lingerie Fitting & Styling Appointment.
Odyssey Boutique's Signature Lingerie Fitting service, Edinburgh
Meet me in the fitting room to sip Champagne while I carry out my signature fitting moves.
Lingerie guaranteed to fit & feel great.
I’ll guide you through a hand-picked selection of practical, pretty & provocative lingerie – all guaranteed to look good and feel great.
Feel feel confident, sexy & stylish in properly fitting lingerie.
Put on your new lingerie and feel comfortable, confident, sexy, stylish, sophisticated, pretty, powerful…Every single day.

What makes Odyssey so different?

Lingerie should make you feel elegant and choosing it should feel exciting: which is why a bra fitting at Odyssey isn’t like anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Sure I’ll nail your size in seconds and find you the perfect bra. But what I do goes way deeper than having a keen eye for detail and a jedi-like knowledge of all things lingerie.

My signature service revolutionises how you feel about being fitted.

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What customers say:

I was put at ease as soon as I stepped into the shop and before I‘d even contemplated what was going to happen. I felt [Sarah] understood what I was thinking and instinctively knew what I needed.

I couldn’t believe I was a 32F after years of being a 34DD but instantly felt far more comfortable in the many beautiful items I was encouraged to try on. My biggest problem was deciding what to choose! I can’t wait to come back and get more.

- Mrs M

After what felt like a million years of being pregnant and breastfeeding, to say my lingerie had been neglected would be a massive understatement. Sarah instantly made me feel at ease and trying each beautiful item I felt so much more glam. The choice of lingerie was amazing.

Sarah really knows her stuff and wasn’t at all pushy. I could’ve bought the whole selection but she helped me settle on my favourites. They make me feel that bit more elegant every morning when I get dressed, and I will 100% be back to visit Odyssey. What a wonderful experience.

- Mrs C

I cannot over-estimate the difference a properly fitting bra makes to your life. Gone is the desperation to get the bloody thing off; clothes fit and look better, and more importantly, the comfort! I forget I’m wearing a bra sometimes.

Sarah’s service has genuinely changed my life, I wouldn’t buy a bra now without being fitted by her first. She has a great selection of styles, colours & sizes and instinctively knows what will work. Sarah makes the shopping experience pleasurable and worthwhile!

- Miss J

Does your Bra Fit?

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