Lingerie should make you feel elegant and choosing it should feel exciting which is why a bra fitting at Odyssey isn’t like anything you’ll find elsewhere.


Sure I’ll nail your size in seconds and find you the perfect bra. But what I do goes way deeper than having a keen eye for detail and a jedi-like knowledge of all things lingerie.


My signature service revolutionises how you feel about being fitted.


There’s no sharing the fitting rooms, waiting around half-undressed, or running back and forth to try and find the right size.


Instead, while you sip Champagne, I’ll guide you through a fun fitting experience that guarantees not only to find you practical, pretty or provocative lingerie that’s a pleasure to wear; but that super charges body confidence and gives you an extra ounce of sass as you get dressed every morning.


Bored by endless rails of beige bras and frustrated with high-street fitting services I opened Odyssey in August 2010 to add elegance, sass and a sweet-kick-in-the-pants to how you think about, shop for and feel in lingerie. From ‘every-day-undies’ to eye-popping-show-stopping sets.


Now, with over a decade of lingerie fitting & styling experience (and a clutch of awards), it is my absolute pleasure to throw open the fitting room curtains to women like you who’ve been putting up with uncomfortable and un-inspiring underwear for far too long.


So if you’ve been fitted before but know something still isn’t right; it’s been a while since you last bought a bra and don’t know where to begin; or if you’re simply in the mood for something special …

My signature fitting service will find you lingerie that’s such a pleasure to wear you’ll never want to take it off. Practical, pretty & provocative lingerie that fits, flatters and feels great.


Click here to book your Lingerie Fitting Appointment and I’ll see you in the fitting room.


I can’t wait to transform you.


Always a pleasure.
Sarah C