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LAID BARE – waxing

Whether you want to be completely smooth, sport a neat strip or go for a quick tidy-up, we have something to suit all styles. We use Lycon Hot Wax to give you a low-sting treatment with a super smooth, non-sticky finish. And for larger areas: traditional Strip Wax is used for quicker results.

HOLLYWOOD – Leaves you completely smooth; the most popular treatment. 40 mins | £38
BRAZILIAN – Leaves a super neat strip; a very popular bikini style. 35 mins | £38
G-STRING – An in-betweeney wax for those not quite ready for a Brazilian. 25 mins | £25
BASIC – A basic wax for brief fans. 15 mins | £20
FULL-LEG – Strip Wax. 30 mins | £30
HALF-LEG – Strip Wax. 20 mins | £22
UNDERARM – Hot Wax. 10 mins | £15
LIP – Hot Wax. 10 mins | £10
CHIN – Hot Wax. 10 mins | £10

If there’s an area you’d like smoothed out that isn’t listed here, please ask – we’re happy to tailor treatments.

Our extraction service offers Waxettes a solution to painful in-grown hairs. Problem areas are scrubbed and steamed before our therapist gets to work releasing trapped hairs. Finished off with an application of our bump-busting, skin-soothing solution to unblock pores and prevent future in-grown’s – you’ll see results immediately.
Add to any waxing treatment or check in for a solo session. 15mins | £10

TOUCH & TEASE – nails

Hands down, Shellac is our favourite nail polish system for a chip resistant, mirror finish Mani/Pedi lasting up to 14 days. Applied as a regular polish and UV cured for minimal drying time, this genius system is also non-abrasive and super quick to remove when you’re ready for a change.

SHELLAC MANICURE  45 mins  | £33
SHELLAC PEDICURE  45 mins  | £37

Tidy, shape & nourish nails, including full cuticle work followed by the Shellac Polish of your choice.

Quick & easy Shellac removal when you’re ready for a change.  15 mins | £5
Shellac removal followed by a File & Buff to leave digits nicely nude.  15 mins | £10

We also offer our Mani/Pedi services using VinyLux polishes by CND. VinyLux dries naturally to a flawless finish in under 10 minutes and is removed in seconds with a slick of D-Sove when you’re ready for a change.

VINYLUX MANICURE  45 mins | £28
VINYLUX PEDICURE  45 mins | £33

Tidy, shape & nourish nails, including full cuticle work followed by the VinyLuxPolish of your choice.

FILE & POLISH – Fingers or Toes.  15 mins | £15
NO POLISH MANI / PEDI  30 mins | £20/25

Tidy, shape & nourish nails, including full cuticle work for perfectly groomed fingers or toes without the polish finish.

To any Mani/Pedi, Add on…

LUXURY – Thorough exfoliation and nourishing massage, followed by a relaxing hand masque or warming foot bath.  15 mins | £10
FRENCH POLISH – Classic French Polish.  10 mins | £10
NAIL STYLING – Choose from our range of Styling Additives to create a unique finish.  per nail | £2 or  per set| £10

TAN-TALISE – tanning

Let everyone think you’ve spent two weeks poolside – when it’s really been a fleeting visit to Odyssey Boutique. We use
Fake Bake products to give you a perfect, natural looking tan from top to toe.

FAKE BAKE, FULL BODY TAN (lotion application)  30 mins | £30

MESMER-EYES – lashes

Hypnotise with lustful lashes and beautifully arched brows.

EYELASH TINT. 20 mins | £18
EYEBROW TINT. 10 mins | £13
LASH & BROW TINT. 30 mins | £26
BROW SHAPING. 10 mins | £13
LASH & BROW TINT AND SHAPE. 40 mins | £36

LVL is the A-List solution to adding Length, Volume and Lift to your own lashes.

Soft silicone pads are applied to lids, followed by the innovative LVL solution to lift and straighten lashes from the root.
A conditioning serum is then applied to leave lashes in the best possible condition, with results lasting upto 6 weeks.

LVL LASHES  60 mins | £50



To make a reservation please call us directly on 0131 220 2908.