Is Your Bra Torture?

Your bra should be a pleasure to wear. No rubbing, no digging. Just perfect.

Take the Quiz to Find Out If Your Bra is Torture (or if it fits just as it should)

Does your underwire...

A. Rub or dig in?

B. Stand away from your chest between your breasts?

C. Sit flat and comfortably against your body?

Does your band...

A. Ride up at the back and need adjustment throughout the day?

B. Fit very tightly and dig in?

C. Fit firmly and smoothly?

Do your cups...

A. Run over – bulging across the top or under your arms?

B. Have gaps or wrinkles – particularly over the top edge?

C. Sit smoothly around your full bust?

Do your shoulder straps...

A. Slip off?

B. Dig in?

C. Neither

Take note of your answers and let's find out...


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